WEBINAR: Handling Grief & Anxiety During the Holidays with Ed Nolley

The holiday season has begun which might mean this is the first holiday after your loved one has passed. It may be the second, third or beyond as well.  You will be facing some tough emotions and due to the nature of Thanksgiving and Christmas, with the focus on family, traditions, expectations and social events filled with “cheer”, the emotions can be overwhelming.  You can lessen the emotional impact by being prepared and knowing what to expect.
The tools you will learn in this workshop will help you to survive the holidays but also to face them with love, assurance and a measure of peace.
Tuesday, November 14, 2023 from 11:45 AM to 1:00 PM EST
  • Having a plan and how to stick to it
  • Tips for surviving social events
  • How to help your children survive the holidays
  • Tips for self care during this difficult time
  • How to handle invitations to events
  • Remembering and honoring your loved one
  • Does it get any easier?
Ambassador, Volunteer & Doula, Gilchrist
Volunteering at Gilchrist since 2014, Mr. Nolley serves as a Doula and companion to individuals approaching end of life. In addition, he is a leader in Gilchrist’s We Honor Veterans Program and has lead hundreds of salute ceremonies for Veterans Day across residential care communities and in the homes of veterans. He is chair of the Gilchrist Ambassador Team whose volunteer members contact organizations regarding end of life decisions, hospice and related aspects and the wonders of Gilchrist. In 2018, Mr. Nolley was named one of the top volunteers for Gilchrist-Greater Baltimore Medical Care Hospital.
Having had a longtime dedication for enhancing the lives of seniors and individuals with special needs, Mr. Nolley started as an orderly at Keswick Multicare Center as a summer employee. He has continued his service to Keswick eventually being elected President of the Board (1998-2003) receiving an award for 50 years of volunteer service. He was named “Keswick Volunteer of the Year in 2004. He continues to serve as a Director Emeritus for both Keswick and the Arc of Baltimore.

We hope you can join us!


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