Who We Serve

CFP Certified Financial Planner Columbia MD

Who is Our Client?

Our clients are individuals who want exceptional financial planning services and investment management in the Annapolis, Baltimore, Washington, D.C. Metropolitan areas and across the country. They are well-educated and accomplished in their fields. Each of our clients are able to sleep soundly, with peace of mind, knowing that they are making the most out of their wealth.

Perhaps most importantly, our clients appreciate that they benefit from the coordination of asset management, retirement planning, and tax services all at one firm. Clients come to us for expert advice and the confidence that comes from having a dedicated financial advisor. Most are busy in their careers or are enjoying a hard-earned retirement and don’t want to spend valuable time managing financial affairs. Primarily, we serve clients located in Howard County, Baltimore County, Carroll County, Anne Arundel County, and Washington, DC.

Individuals & Families

From recent college graduates to individuals preparing for retirement, everyone benefits from sound financial advice and wealth management. We work with some of our younger clients to help them create a roadmap to achieve financial freedom. For those close to retirement, we aid with retirement and estate planning. Individuals can learn more through our retirement planning workshop and then sit down with an advisor to begin making the decisions that matter.

We have worked with high-paid executives, college students, and families large and small. There is no typical BWFA client – simply those who value high-quality advice, planning, investment management services, and tax help.

Small & Medium Size Business Owners

At BWFA, we also offer business advisory services, business valuations, merger and acquisition advisory services, and more for small to medium size businesses. Business owners are busy running their businesses. We help give small and medium size business owners more freedom to do what they do best by doing what we do best. Having a dedicated financial advisor is beneficial to any business, large or small. Our business owners can benefit from services such as Retirement & 401(k) and 403 (b) plan development, merger and acquisition advice as well as tax planning services.

If you’d like to implement a plan that will benefit both you as the business owner and the professionals you employ, contact us today to speak to an advisor who specializes in business planning.

Corporate Executives

Managing money as a corporate executive can quickly become a full-time job, especially when you’re looking at investments, philanthropy, and keeping a business running smoothly. BWFA offers services that can help corporate executives rest easy knowing that their money is being managed responsibly. In addition, BWFA is incredibly clear with you about where your money is going and why. Every decision will be made in your best interest.


Managing funds is especially important for non-profits, simply to keep the lights on. There are hundreds of rules to be aware of, especially when discussing tax management services. Non-profits work hard to give back to the community and benefit greatly from any help they receive in return. We work closely with non-profits to advise them on the best use of funds and how they can maximize the assets they have.

Whether you’re an individual looking for a wealth management advisor or a business with questions about mergers and acquisitions, BWFA can help. Contact us at 410-461-3900 or emailus@bwfa.com for more information.