Fee Only Financial Planning and Investment Management

Flat Fee Financial Advisors Columbia MD

We don’t sell anything here except our advice. We are a strictly Fee-Only financial planner, meaning compensation for the services we provide comes solely from our clients. We participate in no contests, commissions, or bonuses. Our clients always come first, and we are free from the conflicts of interest that are common among other financial and wealth management advisors.

Honest Fees for Honest Work

At the end of our initial consultation, we will give you options on how we can help you and what it will cost. In a world of hidden fees and surprise back-end charges, our fees are always transparent upfront.

Investment Management

When you hire BWFA for your investment portfolio management, you benefit from pricing that puts us on the same side of the table: we both want to grow your account! Our pricing is based on the assets we manage. Below are the percentages that we use for our fee-only services:

1.25% on the first $500,000 of assets under management
1.00% on assets under management between $500,001 and $2,000,000
0.85% on assets under management between $2,000,001 and $5,000,000
0.75% on assets under management between $5,000,001 and $10,000,000
0.65% on assets under management over $10,000,000

One-fourth of the annual fee is assessed on the balance under management at BWFA at the end of each calendar quarter.

Financial Planning

Financial plan planning costs are fixed in advance and typically range from complimentary to $6,500.

Tax Services

Pricing for tax services typically runs $500—$1000 for a personal return. Costs vary considerably depending on the complexity and schedules required. Bring in last year’s tax return for a free quote. We also consult on a project basis on many tax issues, including exercising stock options, buying and selling property, and planning to minimize AMT.

A Final Word about Fees

Savvy investors choose their financial advisor based on experience, objectivity, integrity, and quality of advice. Expect to pay reasonable fees for a high-quality advisor who invests real time with you; otherwise, you may pay a lot more in the long run. At BWFA, you receive clear, upfront, and honest service. We always work for the best interests of our clients. Take the time to learn how a fee-only investment planning firm can help you make the most of your money. Contact us at 410-461-3900 or emailus@bwfa.com.