Financial Planning Services

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Retirement Planning

  • Financial Blueprints target those just starting out professionally and provide guidelines for financial issues encountered when beginning a career.
  • Retirement plans are aimed towards those who are considering, or already in, retirement.

We use the latest and most sophisticated forecasting techniques available and provide year by year financial benchmarks to measure and evaluate your progress. Using our techniques and annual Financial Plan Review meetings, we are able to make mid-course corrections to make sure you stay on target. The payoff is peace of mind.

We are careful to review the entire financial background of each client before making any recommendations. The financial plans provide recommendations on the following:

  • Retirement projections and scenarios
  • Cash flow and debt management
  • Investments, investment allocation, social security, and pensions
  • Education saving
  • Tax planning and strategies
  • Insurance
  • Estate planning

Throughout our relationship, BWFA reviews the plan, making necessary adjustments as financial and retirement planning issues arise. Our specialized review process gives you peace of mind, knowing you have the financial security you deserve.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is applicable to any age or circumstance. Along with an estate attorney, we help create an estate plan with the goals of maintaining family harmony, ensuring your assets pass as you intend, and minimizing taxes. In addition, BWFA will coordinate meetings at BWFA with an estate attorney. Documents to be completed by the attorney include Wills, Trusts, Durable Powers of Attorney, and Advance Medical Directives.

As your will & trusts advisor, together we discuss your concerns and will then propose an approach to addressing them, as well as an estimate of the fee we will charge to do it. No hidden agenda, no undisclosed conflicts of interest.

Pension Benefits

Understanding your specific pension benefits will help you understand where all of your retirement is coming from, whether that be specifically from your pension, 401K, or other investments. We’ll go over any information relevant to your pension and discuss how it will affect your retirement planning.

Social Security & Medicare Benefits

Typically, Medicare and social security benefits are available for retired individuals aged 65 and over. We’ll discuss your options with you regarding your eligibility for these benefits and what enrolling to use them means in the grand scheme of your retirement.

Social Security & Medicare Seminars

Social Security and Medicare can change frequently. Understanding more about these programs through Social Security and Medicare seminars will make retirement planning less confusing. We offer these seminars to educate both existing and prospective clients on these government-funded programs. Register now to learn more about your options in retirement.

Self Employment Retirement Planning Services

Retirement looks different for individuals who are self-employed than it does for those who have spent their lives working for other companies. Planning may require more work and time to ensure a comfortable retirement. Our Financial Blueprints give self-employed individuals the information they need to properly prepare for retirement.

Baby Boomer Retirement Tips

More and more of the Baby Boomer generation is retiring and settling down. Taking stock of assets, investments, and tax implications can help professionals from this generation to settle down and enjoy retirement in peace. For those Baby Boomers who aren’t ready to retire just yet, but can see the day coming on the horizon, we offer helpful tips to plan for that day, including Baby Boomer retirement seminars. Register now to begin planning your retirement in plenty of time.

Baby Boomer Retirement Seminars

Baby Boomer retirement seminars are a great way to learn more about what retirement options exist for individuals of this generation. We invite Baby Boomers close to retirement to come in, enjoy lunch on us, and find out what they need to do for a successful retirement. Register now.

Retirement Account Rollover

Did you know that there are heavy tax implications for removing your retirement benefits from your account before you’re ready to retire? If you’re switching jobs or simply want to reinvest your funds, it’s important that you roll over these accounts in a timely fashion and within state and federal laws. BWFA can help with this.

Investment Advisory Services

Our investment advisory services will give you peace of mind that your investments are being put to their best use. We believe in being transparent about where your money is going and why we’re putting it there. We’ll discuss your investments with you in detail and help you to maximize them for a successful and lucrative retirement.

Individuals from all walks of life in the Maryland and Washington, D.C. areas and across the nation can benefit from quality financial and retirement planning. Contact BWFA at 410-461-3900 to speak with a qualified financial advisor.