BWFA takes a comprehensive and intellectual approach to secure our client’s financial data. We employ several security measures to reduce risks from internal and external cyber-attacks. These measures include stress-testing our network through bruit-force attacks and twenty-four-hour network surveillance. We partner with the area’s top technology firms to monitor and maintain all our network software.

How does BWFA secure its network from attacks?

BWFA routinely performs cybersecurity risk assessments to ensure our systems are operating properly and free from threats such as malware, password theft, phishing, and traffic interception. We also routinely initiate bruit-force-attacks and vulnerability testing to improve our network security.

How does BWFA protect its clients from fraud risk?

At BWFA, we custody our client’s funds with third-party financial institutions to address the risk of asset misappropriation and financial statement fraud.

BWFA’s Trusted Partners

BWFA utilizes several leading third-party platforms, such as Citrix ShareFile for secure document transfers, DocuSign for signing confidential paperwork, and Wolters Kluwer Tax Collaboration Portal for tax document transfers, to name a few. All these platforms have outstanding data protection measures and a history of success.



Citrix ShareFile Security for BWFA’s Client Cloud

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BWFA uses a service known as Citrix ShareFile to allow files to be shared with clients and vendors without utilizing email. You can access your BWFA stored documents and upload new documents via BWFA’s Client Cloud. Citrix ShareFile fully protects your personal information through its thorough security mechanisms.

How Citrix ShareFile safeguards your data

  • Citrix ShareFile employs a keyed hashed message authentication code (HMAC) to ensure integrity and uses randomly generated download links.
  • They protect your data using 256-bit encryption, strong firewalls on systems, high file durability and availability due to redundant storage, and routine backups.
  • You can adjust configurable settings on Citrix ShareFile to your needs.
  • Users can manage permissions using PIN locks or passcodes for their documents and manage how long the downloaded files remain on their devices.
  • When sending email attachments users can replace the attachment with secure ShareFile links. Additionally, when sharing attachments, you can change the permissions to “view-only”.
  • Unique to Citrix ShareFile is its watermarking feature. When documents are viewed, downloaded, or printed you can customize them by adding a watermark to ensure single-use protection by tracking how and when the files were accessed.
For more information about Citrix ShareFile Security and Compliance, click here. For more frequently asked questions about their services, visit their site here.

Wolters Kluwer’s Security for BWFA’s Tax Collaboration Portal

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BWFA uses Wolters Kluwer for our Tax Collaboration Portal. The group serves customers worldwide and provides a productive workplace to use technology for workflow and business purposes.

How Wolters Kluwer protects your data

  • Wolters Kluwer CCH Axcess Tax portal is an all-inclusive cloud-based system that can handle the most complex tax returns.
  • Wolters Kluwer intelligently safeguards your information by continuously monitoring data relationships to ensure accuracy and completeness.
  • They use a single integrated database to save time on data entry and ensure all information is accurate and consistent by reducing errors within the system. Due to the information only needing to be entered once because it populates through the rest of the system, which creates a more accurate and sustainable infrastructure.
  • Wolters Kluwer and their technology partners are always aware of the status of their IT infrastructure, creating a more productive and secure system.

To learn more about how Wolters Kluwer safeguards your data, read here.

BWFA’s CHIEF information officer (CIO)

 Joseph Caputo, is the BWFA’s Chief Information Officer, He coordinates with our partners to provide BWFA clients with the utmost level of security. To learn more about how BWFA provides security to our clients regarding fraud and cyber risk listen to our podcast about cybersecurity and hear what Joseph Caputo has to say below in his interview with BWFA.