WEBINAR – Do You Have Too Much Cash?


Determining the right amount of cash to hold is a much more complicated decision than most people think. You want to have enough cash on hand for monthly expenses, for unexpected large expenditures, and for an emergency fund in case of job loss or similar event. However, too much cash can negatively impact your overall success. Join us for a discussion on determining the right amount of cash for you to hold and where to hold it.
Thursday, January 20, 2022 from 11:45 AM to 1:00 PM EST
  • How much is too much in your checking account?
  • How much is too much in your savings account?
  • Are you tired of earning too little on your cash?
  • Is your emergency fund too big?
  • Do you constantly have a cash balance greater than your monthly expenses?
  • Do you hold cash in your investment account?
  • How much is that extra cash costing you?
  • Do you know the Rule of 72?
  • Where should you put that cash instead?
  • How to perform a financial assessment on your portfolio
Managing Director, Wealth Management
& Executive Manager
We hope you can join us!

Robert Carpenter

President & CEO

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