Internship Program

The internship program at BWFA seeks to provide all interns with the opportunity to have an active experience in the financial service industry. This program enables our interns the ability to feel prepared to pursue careers in their desired fields of interest. Overall, our internship program at BWFA strives to highlight each intern’s strengths, whether those strengths be with technology, data analysis, or design. We prioritize individual and professional development, but most of all, we hope that our interns enjoy the program and gain valuable career experience.

Each year, interns work together with the guidance of Rob Carpenter, President & CEO, to develop a white paper that gives insights into important subjects that can help solve questions to unlock the greatness of our country. This paper requires the interns to dedicate a significant amount of time to research, and it often prompts students to utilize all they have learned in school to tackle the issue at hand. While perhaps daunting at first, this project encourages collaboration among the interns and mentors at BWFA to develop a comprehensive paper. The interns not only benefit from their experience, but they also make a huge impact on our company.

BWFA provides a warm educational environment, allowing interns the opportunity to ask questions and explore any aspect of the financial services industry they so desire. Furthermore, we design special projects for the interns to complete to help them gain real-world experience and insight into specific topics.

The goal of our intern program is to provide the students with mentorship and guidance as well as meaningful work experience that provides a glimpse into the everyday operations of a financial services company. We work diligently to provide the best service to our clients, and the students have helped achieve this goal.