BWFA Family of Clients Continues to Grow Throughout USA and Abroad

By: Rob carpenter I President & CEO

“Better Solutions. Better Service. Better Results.”

BWFA always strives to make client relationships both impactful and meaningful. Those relationships are usually formed by in-person meetings with BWFA’s team of advisors. Putting clients first by providing great service through knowledgeable experts who care about those whom they serve was BWFA’s original mission, reflected in its motto: “Better Solutions, Better Service, Better Results.” That continues to be what drives us, even as many of our clients start new chapters in their lives that carry them throughout the United States and around the world. BWFA now works with clients in 28 states, and we even have a few clients living abroad.

BWFA continues to broaden its base geographically and provide its clients with an excellent all-around experience by using new technology that includes cloud storage, video chats, conference calls, and webcasting. By investing in these technologies, BWFA can continue serving clients worldwide, without sacrificing the personal aspect of relationships — something we greatly value. When possible, our staff even visits clients who live in other states to keep the relationships vibrant and the communication strong.

Working with clients remotely does present some challenges, but we prefer to focus on the opportunities. Years ago when clients moved away for jobs and retirement, it might have been challenging to maintain relationships and address financial concerns from long distances. Today, however, we can effectively manage our clients’ financial needs across a much larger geographic scale. For clients, this also means that they can continue to benefit from BWFA addressing all their investment, planning, and tax needs at one company. We take pride in caring for our clients’ full financial picture, and providing high quality services with a personal touch.

So when a new chapter in life begins, BWFA will be there to help, no matter the distance. As clients continue to take new journeys, we aim to help them make smooth transitions. We work hard to establish a special bond between our team and our clients by handling their full financial picture, regardless of where they might be in the world. Even as people move farther away, the world is becoming smaller, and through technology we can maintain and even strengthen the bond between us and the families we help.