Developing Our Business Continuity Plan

Over the course of the past few months, BWFA has held in-depth conversations with six prospective new partners. Each of these individuals/firms offers unique and interesting strengths that would complement and enhance the service we provide. More importantly, each potential partner shares our values.

We expect to make a decision fairly soon about who will assume the leadership role at BWFA, and when and how that will occur.

As part of that discussion, every member of our staff has participated in meetings that have helped to affirm what our firm is and will continue to be. These are the principles and objectives of our plan:

  • We want to continue operating as an independent business organization;
  • We want to continue to adhere to the fiduciary standard, acting solely in our clients’ best interest;
  • Our current staff needs to remain in place, in our current location; and
  • We will continue to provide the same services we now provide.


In short, there will be no changes to our core values or the way we operate. Regardless of the partner we select, I will assume a multi-year consultancy role to help ensure continuity of our service and mission.

As I look back at the business we created these past 20 years, my heartfelt thanks goes to all of our employees and business partners. But my deepest appreciation goes to those clients who have helped us understand what is most important to them and guided us with their thoughtful comments and suggestions. Together, we have learned that “getting it right” doesn’t come easy, but it is always worth the effort.