Your Perspective About Us

Even though the stock market was reaching lows for the year back in November 2008, we decided to go ahead with our “one question” survey to our clients about the quality of our services. We received valuable feedback. If you recall, our question was: How likely would you be, on a scale of 1 to 10, to refer a friend to BWFA? (Ten being “most likely.”)

We received 181 responses, for a 72% response rate. Thank you! The results showed that you are generally pleased with the job BWFA is doing with its three services. Each service received an average rating between 8 and 9. Financial planning received the highest rating, and investment management and tax services followed closely behind.

Your individual comments were generally supportive and encouraging. However, some of you suggested things we could do better. We are listening—and later this year, we will announce changes and improvements based on your feedback.


Prospective Client Introduction Program

While getting high marks on a survey is flattering, it’s an even greater vote of confidence when you introduce your friends and family to BWFA. Last year, client introductions led to 40% of our new business. This year, we are looking to build on that success, and I’m asking for your help.


Frankly, just a small percentage of you introduce your friends to BWFA. Yet, based on the survey, the large majority of you are “likely” to make a referral. Usually, when I ask clients about introductions, they admit that they aren’t sure how to approach somebody, or they say they don’t know anybody who might be a good fit with us.

So, here are a few clear examples of people we can help:

  1. Pending or recent retirees. We can help build a retirement income stream from a 401(k), IRA, or other account. When coupled with a retirement plan, our approach can provide peace of mind to be sure that things are on track.
  2. Somebody who is newly on their own. Unfortunately, divorce or the death of a spouse brings new financial challenges. BWFA can help somebody who is suddenly alone and dealing with their finances, often under stressful conditions.
  3. Recipients of windfalls. Selling a business, receiving an inheritance, taking a corporate buyout, or receiving a legal settlement are complex, life-changing situations. We can find the most tax-efficient way to receive a financial windfall, as well as to help invest the assets wisely.
  4. Older relatives with estate needs. Many of our clients bring parents to us for estate planning and to manage investments that they may struggle to manage on their own.


There are many other situations when we can be of help—just ask. You or your friend can contact me for a free, confidential appointment to discuss what BWFA can do.

Also, you can send a potential client to our website: BWFA.com. We have added a new video and ten years of newsletters and other content that will help explain who we are and how we work with clients. It’s a no-pressure way to learn about BWFA and our philosophy.

We’re preparing a new referral packet this spring that you can share with your friends and family members. I’ll let you know when it is ready. In the meantime, we have a supply ofFortune magazines and other independent publications that have featured BWFA.

As BWFA grows, we intend to bring more services and resources to all of our clients. Thank you for your important role in building our future.