April 2015


Book Review: Berkshire Beyond Buffett

By:  Philip Weiss | CFA, CPA – Chief Investment Analyst What comes to mind when you hear the name Warren Buffett? If you are like most, you probably think of his great track record as an investor; a record that nearly all of us would like to duplicate. In fact, the number of articles and books written about Buffett the investor and what might be the secret behind his success are far … Continue reading

Bundling Services: The Best Way To Maximize Value From Financial Professionals

By:  Benjamin Dorsey,CPA, CFP®, CDFA™, MST | Director of Tax Services Professional financial advisors work with clients on investment, planning, and/or tax strategies. Unfortunately, when financial advisors of different disciplines are not in sync and/or not working with the entire set of goals and information, the advice being offered could be incomplete and lead to an undesired result. It is common in the financial industry that a client receiving financial advice will likely have … Continue reading

Community Spotlight: ManneqART

By:  Al Scolnik – Executive Director of ManneqART We are excited to present our 2015 artworks to the community at the big “reveal” on June 21 at Historic Savage Mill. If you happened to be wandering around Columbia Mall last September, chances are you walked past the iconic first-level water fountain. And, if you did, you probably noticed 14 life-size mannequins dressed in a unique collection of sculptural, colorful, and memorable … Continue reading

Investors Hold Too Much Cash

By:  Rob Williams, CFP®, MSF | Chief Investment Officer High cash balances are one reason why so many Americans feel left behind while the stock market roars ahead. They also represent a threat to the long-term security of many investors. A recent study by the investment management corporation BlackRock estimated that Americans, on average, held 63% of their savings and investments in checking accounts, savings accounts, CDs, and money market funds. Affluent Americans (those with more than $250,000 of … Continue reading

Is It Time To Increase Allocations To Foreign Securities?

By:  Philip Weiss, CFA , CPA | Chief Investment Analyst Does what goes down come back up? Investors who practice asset allocation answer this question affirmatively every time they rebalance their portfolio. After all, asset allocation is primarily based on the idea that investors should reposition their portfolio periodically by re-allocating funds from the best-performing asset classes to the weakest ones. Over time, it is assumed that the returns of the strong performers will fall to … Continue reading

President’s Address

By:  Rob Carpenter | President & CEO One of the joys that we in the Baltimore-DC area are privileged to enjoy each spring is the blooming of the cherry blossoms. Some years, it seems like winter will never end. This past winter seemed particularly long and cold, but now spring has arrived again, reminding us, as it always does, that each season of life brings its own unique joys and challenges. … Continue reading

Start With ‘Doing’ Rather Than ‘Having’ In Retirement Planning

By:  Thad Ismart, CFP ® | SeniorFinancial Planner & Jim Edwards, CFP ® | Financial Advisor & Portfolio Manager The idea of “retirement” is changing drastically from what it used to be. Traditional financial planning typically begins with an emphasis on how much pre-retirees need to save in order to fund 60% to 80% of their pre-retirement expenses. But there is a newer movement afoot that takes retirement planning beyond simple percentages. Known as “retirement lifestyle … Continue reading

TD Ameritrade Goes Mobile

By:  Joseph Caputo | Chief Information Officer and Associate Portfolio Manager If you’ve used TD Ameritrade’s website AdvisorClient.com to access your investments, you’ll be happy to know that here is now an app for that. With the new TD Ameritrade AdvisorClient® Mobile app, you can view real-time account balances, positions, and transaction history from your Apple iPhone or iPad. Other convenient features include: • Consolidated account balances • … Continue reading

What’s Happening at BWFA

By: Meghan Manas – Director, Client Services At BWFA, we strive to provide the best possible customer service for our clients. with that goal in mind, and to keep up with the needs of our growing client base, BWFA is pleased to welcome our two newest staff members: TOWNSEND HORNOR, JR. (SANDY) I Managing Director, Wealth Management Sandy Hornor is an experienced financial professional with over 25 years in … Continue reading

Who Will Buy Your Business?

By:  Brian MacMilllan | Managing Director Mergers & Aquisitions Selling a privately held business is complicated. If you are a business owner, understanding the options available to you when selling your business can make a huge difference both in how much you receive from the sale and in the business’ long-term success. Each business is different, and each business owner’s personal situation is unique as well. The more you know about your options and … Continue reading