April 2014


Charitable Giving Accounts Make Giving Easy

By:  Debbie Daskaloff | Development Officer, Community Foundation of Howard County Baltimore-Washington Financial Advisors is pleased to partner with the Community Foundation of Howard County to offer our clients the ability to participate in donor-Advised Funds.  The Community Foundation of Howard County is a non-profit organization that strives to improve the quality of life in Howard County. it promotes and facilitates local philanthropy and provides coordinated … Continue reading

Financial Planning For All Ages

By:  Thad Ismart | CFP ® – Financial Planner Whether you’re 21 and fresh out of college or 81 and deciding if it’s time to move to a retirement community, you should always have a working financial plan. Accomplishing long-term financial goals is always challenging. The economic environment is unpredictable, the markets are volatile, and our lifestyles change along with our personal circumstances. Because losing sight … Continue reading

Finding Financial Opportunities Across Generations

By:  Jim Edwards | CFP ® – Financial Advisor & Portfolio Manager We are at interesting generational crossroads these days between the well- to-do “baby boomers,” who have large investment accounts, and their children, who have lesser means and are sometimes struggling to find consistent employment.  For the right family circumstances, however, there are strategies that can provide financial advantages for both parent and child alike. … Continue reading

Investing For Young Individuals & Families

By:  Joe Caputo | Chief Information Officer and Associate Portfolio Manager  Investing at an early age is now more important than ever. With pensions becoming a thing of the past and uncertainty surrounding the future of Social Security, self-funding your own retirement plan is essential. The right investment plan can better position you to retire comfortably. BWFA not only helps meet the needs of retirees … Continue reading

Long-Term Investment Themes

By:  Philip Weiss | CFA , CPA – Chief Investment Analyst When selecting stocks for client portfolios, we seek securities that we believe have the potential to generate total annual returns of at least 10 percent to 15 percent over a three-to-five-year period. When taking a long-term approach,  it is important to try to identify broad economic and environment trends instead of focusing on the current … Continue reading

Market Timing is a Losing Bet

By:  Rob Williams | CFP ®, MSF – Chief Investment Officer  Market timers believe they can earn superior investment returns by identifying the best time to buy and sell stocks based on their analysis of economic and market indicators. Market timers make bets that they can consistently predict either the continuation or the end of a market trend.  Their decisions are based only on which direction … Continue reading

President’s Address

Client Advisory Board By:  Rob Carpenter I President & CEO Without feedback from our clients, it’s difficult to know whether we are living up to their expectations. That’s why, more than 15 years ago, we formed the Client Advisory Board—a small group of clients that advocates on behalf of all of our clients. BWFA maintains an active and vibrant Client Advisory Board to stay connected and build trust … Continue reading

Strategic Fit in Mergers & Acquisitions

By:  Kavita Verma | LLM – Managing Director of M&A and Strategic Alliances A strategic fit is defined as “a situation that occurs when a specific project, target company, or product is seen as appropriate with respect to an organization’s overall objectives.” Most executives seeking to expand their company through a merger or acquisition will look for another company that makes a good strategic fit with … Continue reading

Tax Season Ends and Tax Planning Begins

By:  Ben Dorsey | CPA , CFP®, MST – Director of Tax Services Most tax professionals breathe a sigh of relief after tax returns are filed  and tax season ends. Many seasoned tax professionals see April 16 as an opportunity to take an industry-sanctioned holiday and recharge their batteries at the tropical venue of their choice. However, for BWFA tax professionals, the end of one tax season … Continue reading

What’s Happening at BWFA

By:  Meghan Manas | Office Manager Our Family Continues to Grow At BWFA, we strive to provide the best possible customer service for our clients. with that goal in mind, and to keep up with the needs of our growing client base, BWFA is pleased to welcome our two newest staff members: Benjamin Dorsey  I  CPA, CFP®, MST – Director of Tax Services Ben Dorsey … Continue reading