Growth and Income


The BWFA Growth and Income model seeks moderate growth using conservative investments, many of which may have strong dividends. Returns from investments provide both income for current consumption and a level of “downside” protection in a declining market. The Growth and Income model is designed to suit investors seeking current income along with a modest level of growth.


Investments in this model primarily consist of large dividend-paying stocks and large-capitalization growth stocks. The emphasis on growth in this model orients the portfolio to stocks of companies experiencing high earnings growth, strong revenue growth, and an industry-leading position. The income orientation of the model seeks stable income with relatively moderate risk to capital. A portion of portfolio assets is allocated toward international equities. The international investments we seek primarily represent institutions outside the United States that meet our investment criteria. This model also holds a modest allocation to liquid assets.


Our aim is to create diversified client portfolios that earn favorable investment returns while controlling volatility and risk according to the parameters of each client’s chosen investment model. We work to achieve strong performance over multiple market cycles, relying on the consistent application of a proven investment process. We adhere to an investment philosophy that values both vision and discipline. We do not believe that long-term goals can be met by chasing short-term results. Instead, we focus on the larger picture while remaining mindful of the current environment.

When managing clients’ portfolios with a personalized and customized approach for each client, BWFA will often exercise discretion to invest funds higher or lower than the stated category allocations in the BWFA investment models, within a reasonable limit, and consistent throughout the firm.