What’s Happening at BWFA?

Saying Goodbye — Regretfully…
Kim Anderson, who has been with BWFA for almost 13 years, is leaving the firm to stay home with her family. Kim was an important part of our team, always participating in many of our important decisions. She will be deeply missed by everyone in the firm. Her last day was Sept. 28th.

Saying Hello — Enthusiastically…
Scot Millen will take over from Kim as Director of Client Services, and will lead our sales and marketing functions. Scot comes to us from M&T Bank, and he started on Sept. 13th. To learn a little about Scot, please read his bio on our Web site.

E-mail Alert
Our firm’s policy is to respond promptly to every communication you send us. However, from time to time you might send us an e-mail from an address that we do not have on file for you. When this happens, it is possible that your communication ends up in our “spam.” We receive a large volume of spam daily, and we have found that it is unproductive for us to monitor it regularly.

To prevent the possibility that we might miss your communication to us, we ask that you call us at 410-461-3900 or 1-888-461-3900 if you do not receive a response to your email within four hours. Thank you for your help on this.