BWFA and APLFCU: Financial Planning Services Complemented by the Benefits of Credit Union Membership

BWFA has recently announced a new collaborative relationship with APL Federal Credit Union (APLFCU), located on Johns Hopkins Road in Laurel. This relationship will help both parties market their services. For years, BWFA has served as personal financial advisor to many APLers. We believe that this collaboration will bring us even more APLers as clients. When APLFCU decided to market its services to the larger community by expanding its charter definition to attract Howard County residents, they selected us to offer financial planning, investment and tax services. Our fee-only status and our established reputation at APL was the starting point. APLFCU believes that the new venture with BWFA will attract more new members from outside the APL community. Both companies are excited about this alliance.

Without reservation, we would encourage BWFA clients and friends to look at the benefits of credit union membership at APLFCU. APLFCU membership is available to anyone who works, lives, goes to school or worships in Howard County, as well as members of their immediate families. APLFCU members can usually lower the costs associated with everyday banking needs.

Many of you may not be familiar with what credit unions offer. If you meet the eligibility requirements above, here are a few examples of what they can offer your family:

  1. Credit unions are not-for-profit financial institutions. As a member, you are also an owner, and all profits are returned to you in the form of lower loan rates, higher savings rates, and low or no fees for services.
  2. Opening a savings account (the minimum deposit is only $50) establishes your membership and entitles you to use all the credit union�s services.
  3. Free checking�They’ll even pay to print your checks in a basic design if you have direct deposit of your pay or retirement check.
  4. Free Visa check cards.
  5. Low-cost loans�New and used vehicles, personal loans, a Visa credit card and more.
  6. Home equity loans at Prime plus 0%�No-closing-cost options are available.
  7. State-of-the art Internet access�Enjoy free access to your accounts for managing your money in the easiest possible way. This award-winning Web site has many informational and interactive features (and will soon add even more). But don’t take our word for it, ask current members � APLFCU has the highest percentage of members using its Web site in the industry.
  8. Internet Bill Payment�For only $1.50 per month (less than the cost of postage for most), APLFCU can pay an unlimited number of bills. You can schedule recurring payments, schedule payments in advance or pay as you go.
  9. Real estate loans and mortgage lending.
  10. Discounts on all new first-year BWFA services for APLFCU members.
  11. This institution will last. It has the highest possible rating and a sound financial footing. It does not seek consolidation or any other profit-oriented instability.
  12. The members of the board of directors are volunteer co-owners with you. The institution is run for the benefit of its members only.

We look forward to using this new relationship to benefit all of our clients. APLFCU�s phone numbers are 443-778-5250 and 240-228-5250. Its Web address is www.aplfcu.org.