A Note to Our Clients

Like everyone, we have found it difficult to focus on anything but the tragedies which occurred on September 11. The depth of our sorrow and fears was felt in our hearts, our living rooms and in our offices.

Events far less dramatic than those of September 11 cause us to reassess our lives and help us to refocus on what’s really important. As we tried to give hope and support to many of our clients during this time of uncertainty, so too did our clients provide us with encouragement and a sense of how important we are to them through their numerous emails and notes.

We are glad, and proud, that you have chosen us to help you with some aspects of your lives.

We are also confident that our lives and our financial markets will soon return to “normal”. Even though our economy has slowed, it remains strong. Our government is showing strength and cooperation that it has not exhibited in a long time. And, most importantly, the will of our citizens is stronger than ever.