Unanswered Retirement Questions? BWFA Can Help

Baby boomers are retiring—or being forced to retire—at alarming rates. And this unprecedented rate of workers leaving their jobs is redefining what we mean by the word “retirement.” Many of these aging boomers aren’t quite prepared to handle the options that retirement presents. Others might even be looking to start a new career entirely, perhaps anticipating as many quality working years ahead of them as they have already put in.

Here are some of the questions they all should be asking themselves:

•Do I want to retire outright and never work again? How many years do I need to work before making outright retirement possible?

•Do I want to reinvent myself? Would I like to retire early from my present job, so that I can spend more time on my passion (which can also provide needed income)?

• For corporate “downsizers”: What are my best options for maximizing financial independence?

• Do I understand all of my corporate pension options? There are many considerations for corporate employees when building retirement wealth, as well as when approaching distribution time from established plans. What are the best options?

• Once retired, how much can I take from my accounts and still be confident I won’t outlive my money? And how do I structure those retirement assets to benefit my heirs?

• Federal tax laws are complicated and change every year. How do I take full advantage of the rules to capture all of the available rewards when investing for retirement?

We’re passionate about working with you to make sure that it all comes to fruition over the long term

That’s a lot to get under control, especially when dealing with everything else with which aging boomers are faced. That’s where the tax and planning specialists at BWFA can add tremendous value. As many of our clients have already experienced, these professionals work with you and your legal advisors to address all concerns connected to retirement—everything from the emotions involved with spending and saving to clarifying your dreams of financial independence. We’re passionate about working with you to make sure that it all comes to fruition over the long term, developing and executing your investment plan in partnership with your BWFA portfolio manager.

Meet our newest author: JOSEPH MANFREDI

We’re happy to announce the newest addition to the BWFA team, Joseph Manfredi. As chief operating officer and senior portfolio manager, Joe is responsible for day-to-day management of BWFA with a focus on portfolio management, operations, and compliance leadership. Before joining BWFA, Joe was senior vice president and regional manager for Wells Fargo Wealth Brokerage Services in central Virginia. Prior to Wells Fargo, he worked with Merrill Lynch, Prudential Financial, and UBS/Piper Jaffray. He currently serves on the board of directors for the Virginia Boat Club, and he is a competitive Master rower.He holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and an MBA, both from Fordham University in New York. When not working or rowing, Joe is focused on his faith and his family—wife Susanna and their four grown daughters. Welcome, Joe! “After personally spending 30 years employed at big corporations,” Joe said, “it is exciting to be a part of BWFA today, where we integrate planning as well as investment management for our clients. We join together as one team to ensure we spend time getting to know you and understanding your goals, before we begin managing your money.”