BWFA Moving Forward

Friday, June 29, 2012, marked a watershed date in BWFA’s history. At approximately 7 p.m., Rob Carpenter joined BWFA as the new president. Please join me in welcoming Rob to the firm.

From my perspective, Rob is the crucial link to the “business continuity plan” that BWFA has been implementing over the last few years. He’s 46 years old, enthusiastic, and exactly what BWFA needs to serve you well in coming years. During his successful 23-year career, he has served as Regional Director, Regional Manager, Complex Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Training Director, and Financial Advisor at some of the largest wealth management firms in the country.

Soon, we will schedule a series of events at which you can meet Rob and hear his (and our) plans to keep BWFA serving all of your financial needs. If you can’t wait for a formal event, please feel free to stop by the office in Columbia, and we will accommodate your visit.

We first met with Rob in June 2011. During the past year, we considered many alternatives for BWFA going forward. We engaged with several prospective partners, including four individuals, a bank, and two other Registered Investment Advisory firms. After evaluating all the options, we ended up where we started-with Rob. It was a unanimous choice by our staff.

Saxon Birdsong (age 67) will continue on as a consultant to BWFA over the next four years, focusing on the investment area. Bob Cassel will continue as Director of Tax Services. Rob Williams will continue as a Portfolio Manager with his current clients, and he will assume the additional role of Chief Investment Officer. Bob Ray and Chris Kelly will continue as Portfolio Managers/Advisors with their current clients. Mark Stinson will continue as Director of Planning and Portfolio Manager. All other staff members will continue in their current roles.

And finally, we have to address our growing problem with employee names. We have………..

2 Robs
2 Susans
2 Bobs
2 Barbaras

We’ll work it out. Thank you for continuing to place your trust in BWFA.