Mergers and Acquisitions: The BWFA Advantage

By : Brian MacMillan

If you ask a business owner how much he’d like to get for the sale of his business, the answer inevitably is, “As much as possible!”

While this might seem to be the obvious answer, getting as much as possible is only one factor that comes into play when developing a plan to sell your business.

Other factors also need to be considered by the business owner: Can you afford to sell now and fund your retirement plans at the price you may receive from the sale? What tax implications will you face when selling your business? Which transfer of ownership method is best for you? How will you find a suitable buyer? What should you do with the proceeds from the sale of your business?

Selling a business is not done in a vacuum. Developing a full financial plan that includes the sale of the business, but also other contingencies, is crucial. Remember that only 20% to 35% of all small businesses are actually sold, but yet small business owners frequently have as much as 90% of their net worth tied up in their business.

That’s why working with BWFA’s Business Services team and its Financial Planning team helps clients come to good decisions. Together, our business advisors and financial advisors will create a comprehensive retirement and estate plan that looks at both your current savings and investments, and the expected proceeds from the sale of your business.

The process will likely begin with a business valuation by our team. Our CPAs will provide a Fair Market Valuation of your business by utilizing professional judgment and applying standardized analytics and valuation methods. The valuation will be used by our financial planning team as a crucial first look at whether the expected proceeds from the sale would enable you to reach your financial goals.

Next, BWFA’s mergers and acquisitions professionals will help you determine the best methodology to use when selling your business. Are there family members or a current manager to whom you would like to sell your business?

Once the most appropriate type of sale is determined, our mergers and acquisitions team will take you through the process of selling your business from start to finish.

Taxes are an underlying theme whenever you are considering your financial future, and that’s where BWFA’s tax team will get into the mix. They can offer advice about the best way to structure the sale in order to minimize taxes, and they will work with our portfolio managers to invest the proceeds in a tax-advantageous way.

With You Every Step of the Way

BWFA’s experts are with you through the entire process. From start to finish, our guidance can help you through the many complicated decisions that arise when contemplating the sale of your business.

You have worked hard, building your business into a successful enterprise. You deserve the same level of effort from the team working to sell your business and manage your investments.