BWFA and Social Media

By: Joe Caputo

Our world is now almost entirely a digital reality. Facebook has led the way with its 1.1 billion users. YouTube has over a billion users. LinkedIn and Twitter each have well over 200 million users and are still growing. Over the past few years, we have seen a tremendous increase in the use of social media services worldwide. Our

It has become a part of our daily lives. We are sharing and posting an unprecedented amount of photos, videos, and information—and doing it instantaneously, with a click of a button.

Not only are individuals using social media as a means of communication, but businesses are active users as well. If a business has not established a Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter account, it may be missing out on an entire generation or two of customers.

The age of information has transformed into an age of instant information.

BWFA has begun to participate in the social media revolution. We look forward to using it to share information on our events and even search for interested candidates to join our team.

We have created company sites on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+. These landing pages provide ways for people to discover and connect with those who are associated with BWFA. Look to see BWFA become even more active in social media in 2014.