Striving to Get Better

It’s been a busy three months. During that time, we added several key staff members—always with the goal of improving our customer service and support.

We hired Chief Information Officer Joe Caputo so that we can utilize the best technology for tracking clients’ financial and personal data and communicating information to them efficiently. Second, we added Investment Analyst Seth Dadds, who brings to BWFA experience in identifying promising companies and investment trends. With the addition of Seth, our portfolio management team now has eight team members. Third, we brought on board Michael Mathews as Director of Business Services as well as Chief Financial Officer. He will help our clients who own businesses and wish to develop plans to sell or transition out of the business as well as ensure that as a firm we are operating efficiently and receive top quality products and services from our vendors.

We have also put into place several new programs that may make 2013 our best year yet. For example, based on feedback about what our clients value from us, we will offer four economic seminars and two client appreciation events. Also, we have started to distribute to our clients a brief economic report by e-mail every Monday morning. With so much economic news available, you have said we can help you wade through all that information and explain what matters the most.

In the last few months, we have given BWFA a new look starting with completely rebuilding our website. Our goal is to make it a better experience by both adding content and also making it easier to search and use. While you are on our website, you can also find our new brochure. This brochure gives potential clients a window into our firm and the services we provide. As always, we welcome your feedback.

For new and existing clients, we are streamlining the process of establishing a relationship with us. Not only will this make for a better client experience, but it will also enable us to be more efficient and accurate in handling accounts.

Through all of these enhancements, we are staying true to who we are. We want to ensure that our clients enjoy superior service and support, and that they understand our commitment to building long-term relationships. Contact us any time to tell us what we can do better


By Robert G. Carpenter