BWFA Family Continues to Grow

As BWFA continues to grow, we continue to add new employees. We are excited to welcome the following individuals to our family:

Thad Ismart, CFP® Financial Planner – Thad has been working in the financial planning industry since 2005. He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP®) professional and has worked with retirees, affluent families, and business owners in the areas of Estate Planning, Retirement Planning, and Wealth Management.

Sharolyn Hockey, Tax Manager – Sharolyn is a seasoned tax professional who worked for national firms Reznick Group and PricewaterhouseCoopers (pwc) before joining BWFA’s tax team. Her clients have included Fortune 125 companies and high net-worth individuals. Her passions include taxes, client service and animal welfare.

Joseph Hill, Jr., Tax Manager – Joe received his MBA from Loyola University in 2010. More recently, he earned a Master of Science in Finance, also from Loyola. Joe passed all four exams needed for a CPA and is currently awaiting licensing from the State of Maryland.

Bailey Topper, Marketing Associate – Bailey was the winner of the Caplan Entrepreneurial Grant and has worked with many businesses throughout Howard County.

In other BWFA family news, congratulations to our own Meghan Manas and her husband Eric on the upcoming addition to their family. After much preparation, perspiration, and just plain waiting, Meghan and Eric traveled to Ethiopia at the end of January to meet their daughter, named Miriam Arline Manas, in person for the first time. 

It was quite a special trip, but as you can tell by the happy smiles all around, it was well worth the wait. During the 10-day visit, the new parents were able to visit with Miriam every day, and on the next to last day, they were officially decreed by the Ethiopian courts to be her parents. Meghan and Eric are home now, anxiously awaiting the United States Embassy in Addis Ababa to issue their new addition a visa allowing her to travel home for good. In the meantime, there are only about 700 pictures (we are happy to share!) to help pass the time. Hopefully, by the time the next newsletter comes out, we will be able to report on Miriam’s arrival in Maryland!


By Meghan Manas