No-Load & Low-Load Insurance

One of the true silent revolutions in financial services is the appearance of price competition in life and disability insurance. This is a direct result of the appearance and success of “fee-only” financial advisors in the marketplace throughout the country. About two years ago General Electric Capital Services Company recognized just how hot this idea was by purchasing Fee-for-Service, a Florida innovator in the manufacture and sale of “low-load” insurance. Baltimore-Washington Financial Advisors is a “Fee-Alliance” member of the Fee-for-Service network and is in full contact with all that is going on in the field of “low-load” insurance products.

As “fee-only” advisors, we contract to work only for our clients, avoiding and rejecting all other potential sources of offered revenues and special arrangements. When a need for insurance is identified in your financial affairs, we are only interested in price and quality. Our Insurance Advisor, Kevin Condon, is registered and bonded in Maryland and applicable states, with 12 years experience as an agent and advisor. As a BWFA client you are in a position to get the most savings and quality available for your insurance need.

How much can you save? The graphs reproduced below show the average savings. Whereas the low load policies available today absorb about 28% of first year premium in policy expenses, traditional policies actually depend on at least one and a half year’s revenues before expenses are consumed. Expenses range from commissions and bonuses to “trips”. With the loads removed, the potential insurance benefits are restored to many types of basic insurance coverage. For example, it is possible to use a second-to-die policy to support your estate inexpensively, funding a tax-deferred savings account to be used by your trustee to protect your estate from abrupt “fire sale” losses in order to pay estate taxes. Without this type of policy, many estates are quite vulnerable. With low cost, low-load policies available, this type of coverage should be considered in nearly every estate of any size.

As Insurance Advisors, BWFA is compensated on the value of our advice, not the purchase of a life or disability policy. We can help you apply for and qualify for this innovative, inexpensive coverage. Call for an appointment if you need to ask about the applicability of this insurance to your affairs. Unfortunately only life and disability are currently available in “low-load” form. Long Term Health Care coverage should not be far behind. We’ll announce it here when it becomes available.