2 Miles for 2 Hears Memorial Race 2015

By:  Meghan Manas | Director, Client Services

This year BWFA was again proud to be a sponsor for the 2 Miles for 2 Hearts Memorial Run held on August 29th in Ellicott City. In 2012, Elizabeth “Liz” Nass and Rose Mayr, lost their lives when a train derailed in historic Ellicott City. 2 Miles for 2 Hearts is a memorial race that benefits two scholarship funds while celebrating the lives of Liz and Rose and bringing families and the community together to incorporate some of the things these young women loved most—music, exercise, and food. If you would like to make a donation to the Elizabeth Nass Memorial Scholarship and/or the Rose Mayr Nursing Scholarship please visit:

2milesfor2hearts.com and click on “donate”

We look forward to supporting this race in the future and hope to see some of you running next to us!

2miles2 2Mile2Hearts