Our Core Services

Retirement and Estate planning is often the center of our ongoing relationship with our clients. We provide planning for clients of any age and financial circumstance. Our Financial Blueprints target those just starting out professionally and provide guidelines for financial issues encountered when beginning a career. Our Pre-Retirement plans target those who are already established professionally and are juggling multiple priorities, such as retirement saving, college saving, and purchasing a home. Our Retirement plans are aimed towards those who are within 5 years of, or already in, retirement. Estate plans are applicable to any age or circumstance.

Comprehensive retirement and estate planning is a careful, precise process. Our experts help bring clarity to your goals, and identify issues, problems, and solutions that give you confidence in your ability to meet your goals. We use the latest and most sophisticated forecasting techniques available, and provide year by year financial benchmarks to measure and evaluate your progress. Using our techniques and annual plan review meetings, we are able to make mid-course corrections to make sure you stay on target. The payoff is peace of mind.

We are careful to review the entire financial background of each client before making any recommendations. The brief form you are sent prior to our first session includes questions on insurance, investments, pensions, estate planning matters, taxes, income, and cash flow. Together we discuss your concerns and will then propose an approach to addressing them, as well as an estimate of the fee we will charge to do it. No hidden agenda, no undisclosed conflicts of interest.


Each year our clients have the opportunity to meet with a BWFA advisor to do tax planning. Few people like the idea of turning over their hard-earned money to the government. As advisors, we stay on top of new tax legislation and are always looking for ways to reduce our clients’ tax burden. Tax planning and preparation goes well beyond the yearly income tax returns that must be filed. We are also concerned about our clients’ estate and gift tax planning, and avoidance of the various penalties that may apply to retirement plan distributions. An advantage of offering income tax preparation to our financial planning and investment advisory clients is that we are better prepared to give wise tax advice.

Without a solid financial plan, individuals will likely pay more in taxes than would otherwise be necessary. By trying to anticipate and properly plan for the events in our clients’ lives that generate large tax liabilities, we may be able to increase the overall wealth that our clients retain.


At BWFA, we construct and manage investment portfolios tailored to our clients’ needs and preferences. Generally, these needs fall into three simple categories: growth investments for our younger clients, conservative growth and income investments for our clients who are nearing retirement, and income-producing investments for our clients who are in retirement and need income from investments to support their lifestyles.

We select investments we believe are appropriate, monitor their ability to meet your growth and/or income objectives, and make changes when necessary. The following link will provide more detail about our approach and our investment models. BWFA Investment Approach



You have worked hard shaping your business into a successful enterprise. At BWFA, we believe you deserve the same level of effort from the team working to sell it.  Our team of business experts at BWFA provides comprehensive Mergers & Acquisitions Services for small- to middle-market companies and their owners. Our services include business valuations, exit planning advisory, sell-side M&A advisory, buy-side M&A advisory, and corporate finance.

We bring value to every transaction by working extensively with the business owner to determine the best solution for his or her particular situation. Our experience spans multiple industries, including healthcare, information technology, government contracting, manufacturing, construction, wholesalers/distributors, business services, and professional services.