Separately Managed Accounts

For clients with managed accounts in excess of $500,000, BWFA has designed model portfolios that can hold individual stocks and bonds as well as collective investment funds (mutual funds and exchange-traded funds) that target specific allocations within the investment model. By investing primarily in individual securities, clients receive a customized portfolio with the following benefits:

  • Lower costs due to the avoidance of the additional fees associated with investing in collective investment funds
  • Consideration of tax planning issues allowing us to:
    • Optimize the tax treatment of securities transactions
    • Determine whether securities should be placed in taxable or tax-deferred investment accounts
  • Complete control over when securities are bought and sold and which securities are held, providing:
    • The ability to accommodate special investment requests
    • The ability to minimize/eliminate the redundancy that can occur when using collective investments
  • Transparency :
    • Clients know the exact securities held in their portfolios
  • Allocation around existing concentrated positions, thus better managing risk:
    • For example,  a portfolio manager can avoid purchasing energy-related securities for a client that works for an oil company and already has significant investment exposure to that industry