July 2015

Newsletter July 2015

Four Questions Every Do-It-Yourself Investor Should Ask

Many years ago, a potential client asked me, “Why do I need you to manage my money, when I can do it myself?” This question comes up frequently. Although I fully understand the numerous benefits of professional investment management, I would sometimes struggle to provide a clear and concise response. Today, when I meet with potential clients who have a “do-it-yourself mentality,” I ask them … Continue reading

Fun Tax Facts

April 15 is our annual “anti-holiday”—the date we love to hate. Many Americans dread that day each year because of the misconception that individual tax returns must be filed by then. Actually, only a rough estimate of what you owe is due on April 15. The real filing deadline is Oct. 15. So, instead of adding unnecessary stress by hastily gathering your information and rushing … Continue reading

Long-Term Care Options

As the American population grows older, the need for long-term care continues to increase. The Department of Health and Human Services has estimated that 70 percent of people 65 and older will need some form of long-term care services during their lifetimes. In addition, more than 40 percent of people 65 and older will need care in nursing homes sometime during their lifetimes, and about 10 percent … Continue reading

Omaha in Early May is a Must See… For Investors

BACKGROUND Fifty years ago, an investment partnership controlled by Warren Buffett acquired control of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRK), a struggling textile manufacturer. Buffett has been BRK’s Chief Executive Officer since 1970. He is a legend among value investors—and for good reason. His investment record is unmatched by virtually any other investor over the last 100 years. With the benefit of hindsight, Buffett refers to the … Continue reading

Passing the Torch: Critical Conversations with your Adult Children

On Thursday, April 23, BWFA hosted Bob Mauterstock, author of Passing the Torch: Critical Conversations with Your Adult Children, for an insightful discussion. According to feedback from our guests, this was one of BWFA’s best seminars yet! Mauterstock’s book will provide the tools necessary to develop a strong partnership that will help parents and children make critical decisions affecting multiple generations. Talking with anyone about your … Continue reading

President’s Address

By:  Rob Carpenter | President & CEO The vision and foresight required to plan for and engage in a long-term project is something that we as financial advisors understand well. That’s one reason why we’re so excited about the impending flyby of Pluto by NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft. After nine years of traveling through space, New Horizons is scheduled to fly by the Pluto system … Continue reading

Should You Sell Your Business Now?

If you are a business owner, selling your business will most likely be the most impactful financial decision in your life. Deciding when to sell is difficult. Below, we have outlined some reasons why selling now may be the right move for you. THE ECONOMY Currently, the combination of the overall economy, favorable tax rates, and the low interest-rate environment have created a good time for business … Continue reading

Unanswered Retirement Questions? BWFA Can Help

Baby boomers are retiring—or being forced to retire—at alarming rates. And this unprecedented rate of workers leaving their jobs is redefining what we mean by the word “retirement.” Many of these aging boomers aren’t quite prepared to handle the options that retirement presents. Others might even be looking to start a new career entirely, perhaps anticipating as many quality working years ahead of them as they … Continue reading

What is BWFA Doing to Protect Data?

In our ever-changing technological landscape, new threats to cybersecurity are constantly arising. Businesses must evaluate and re-evaluate measures they can take to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks that could lead to theft or data loss. They must be especially vigilant about preventing data breaches that could lead to sensitive customer data being compromised. To protect clients’ data, BWFA continues to create and implement strong technology … Continue reading