What’s Your Retirement Number?


What’s Your Retirement Number?
Thursday, March 1, 2018 from 11:45 AM to 1:00 PM EST
Lunch will be served
BWFA Offices

What do you need for the rest of your life, and what will it cost?
Baltimore-Washington Financial Advisors invites you to a discussion on:
  • Have you saved enough for retirement?
  • Can you retire?
  • How much income do you need in retirement?
  • How much income can you expect to generate in retirement from your investments?
  • How can you reduce the risk of outliving your assets?
  • How do you manage your investment return in retirement?
  • How do you switch from accumulation to generating an income stream?
Come join us as we discuss these issues and more!
Please join us!
Managing Director,
Wealth Management

Thad Ismart 


Sr. Financial Planner

For questions or comments, please contact:

Eve Kennedy
Client Associate