WELLNESS WEBINAR – ZENwalk: Guided Mindful Exploration of Your Backyard/Balcony with Dagmar Bohlmann

Baltimore-Washington Financial Advisors and Registered Yoga Teacher, Dagmar Bohlmann invite you to a wellness workshop, “ZENwalk: Guided Mindful Exploration of Your Backyard or Balcony“.
Wellness Webinar
Monday, October 25, 2021 from 11:45 AM to 1:00 PM EDT
Forest bathing – no swim suit needed – is the practice of immersing yourself in nature in a mindful way, using all your senses to derive a whole range of benefits for your physical, mental, emotional, and social health. Known as Shinrin-yoku, the idea took birth in Japan in the 1980’s and proved to be a very effective tool to overcome the ill effects of a hectic life and stressful work environment.
Take your phone or computer with into your backyard, or simply gather a house plant and a few of Earth’s items you might have collected, like a rock or a shell. Kripalu trained Mindful Outdoor Guide, Dagmar Bohlmann, will guide you on an hour-long saunter through familiar surroundings that you will discover as if you see them for the first time. Imagine yourself sauntering and sitting with soft fascination and experiencing a calm, happy state of mind.
This interactive workshop is for people who want to learn how to:
  • Relax stressed portions of your brain
  • Release positive hormones
  • Feel less sad, angry and anxious
  • Avoid stress and burnout
  • Tame depression and anxiety.
A forest bath is known to boost immunity and leads to lesser days of illness as well as faster recovery from injury or surgery. Nature has a positive effect on our mind as well as body. It improves heart and lung health, and is known to increases focus, concentration and memory.
RYT 500, Registered Yoga Teacher
Having lived on two continents, in three countries and five states, I appreciate being at home on my mat. As freelance writer, yoga teacher and mother of two, this is where I find solace and serenity, balance and alignment.

I got serious about meditating during my RYT500 certification through Sampoorna Yoga School in Goa, India. In addition, I hold a RYT200 certification from Charm City Yoga in Baltimore (now YogaWorks). I love sharing my knowledge of over 500 hours of training related to health, kinesiology, and anatomy.

The body and the mind are fascinating places to visit. Let me take you on a journey of curiosity, acceptance, non-judgment and self-love.

We hope you can join us!


Robert Carpenter

President and CEO

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