Financial & Estate Planning

  • Do You Suffer From Financial Dysfunctions?

    Frequently we meet people who exhibit financial behavior that prevents them from achieving their financial goals. Bert Whitehead, a Midwestern financial advisor, calls these behaviors and activities financial dysfunctions. At a recent professional meeting, Bert gave a few examples of… Read More

  • Does Professional Planning Add Value?

    The Smith Family Suze Orman has told PBS audiences all this month that you don’t need a financial advisor, you need her books and tapes. Is this true? Can you get any value from professional financial advice? Let’s look at… Read More

  • On Roth IRA Planning Opportunities

    The decision to put your money in a Roth IRA in 1998 is based on how your personal income fits into the phase-out brackets (see graphic). Although reading and abiding by the brackets may be simple, there is a more complicated… Read More

  • What Worries You?

    On Friday, December 12, NBC News and The Wall Street Journal published a poll and its interpretation. In the poll, 2,013 Americans over the age of 18 were asked a great many things about their political, social and financial attitudes…. Read More

  • Time To Review Your Plan

    Creating a financial plan is a lot of work. Reviewing one is just an occasional chore but with wonderful benefits. Complex and unsure financial environments like those today may cause you to wonder how well your plan is holding up…. Read More

  • Should Everyone Open A Roth IRA in ’98?

    The many advantages of the Roth IRA are too important to ignore. The types of people that may benefit range from the young to pre- or post-retirees. Each group will find tax saving reasons for opening a Roth IRA. Among… Read More

  • Is Long Term Health Care Insurance Appropriate for You?

    SALESMAN: “Most elderly people, when asked by the American Association of Retired Persons how they would pay for long-term care, responded that Medicare would cover the cost. Unfortunately, they were wrong.” PROSPECT: “I didn�t know that.” SALESMAN: “Medicare does not… Read More

  • Planning for the Terminally Ill

    Unanticipated death from terminal illness or accident is difficult to plan through. It’s not the same as Medicaid or cash flow planning for the elderly. Many financial planning principles are reversed. Princess Diana’s accident and Mother Teresa’s recent death got… Read More

  • No-Load & Low-Load Insurance

    One of the true silent revolutions in financial services is the appearance of price competition in life and disability insurance. This is a direct result of the appearance and success of “fee-only” financial advisors in the marketplace throughout the country…. Read More

  • A Note on Estate Planning

    A Note on Estate Planning: Estates over $600,000 (in 1997) in assets must be organized to take advantage of all possible shelter from federal and state estate taxes to pass on the maximum possible to heirs. BWFA can help you… Read More