Michael W. Kilduff
Senior Client Operations Associate

Michael is a Senior Client Operations Associate for BWFA. He enjoys assisting BWFA clients in problem solving and creative solutions to meet their goals and needs.

Prior to joining BWFA, Michael was a Registered Client Service Associate with Morgan Stanley where he enjoyed spending time getting to know his clients and finding ways to help them, often before they even knew what they needed. Michael learned this level of problem solving and attention to detail through his numerous positions in the financial industry over the years.

Born and raised in New Orleans, Michael has a deep appreciation of creativity. He enjoys any type of artistic expression including the amazing similarities between New Orleans and Baltimore’s architecture as well as enjoying exploring music and food from around the globe.

Michael spends his free time working on art projects with his wife and learning new skills, many of which are not practiced by most Americans. His esoteric knowledges include leatherworking, blacksmithing, brewing (mostly ciders), gardening, and canning. All of these hobbies serve to annoy his dog Rufus who thinks more time should be spent on swimming with him and giving him deep ear scratches.