BWFA Staff

Who We Are

What is Our Business?

We are wealth managers. We act as a financial bodyguard for our clients. 

BWFA is one of the area’s leading comprehensive wealth management firms. Nationally recognized and based in the Baltimore-Washington region, we serve clients throughout the United States. We have a dedicated team of experts in investment management; financial, retirement, and estate planning; tax services; and business services. We coordinate outside legal, accounting, and business advisory resources as necessary, bringing it all together for our clients.

We are committed to unbiased, professional service and uncommon results. As a member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), we have been dedicated to Fee-Only wealth management for over two decades. Relax in the knowledge that we are fiduciaries paid only by you, our clients, and not by insurance, mutual fund, or brokerage companies who may not always have your best interests in mind.

Who is Our Client?

Our client is someone who wants exceptional stewardship over his/her assets.

There is no typical BWFA client; each is an individual. We serve corporate and government executives, engineers and scientists, small business owners, medical professionals, retirees, and families. Our clients are well-educated and accomplished in their fields. Along the way many have accumulated significant wealth, investing $1 million or more with us.

What Does Our Client Value?

Our clients value peace of mind, knowing that they are making the most out of their wealth.

Our clients value high-quality advice, planning, investment management, and tax help, and benefit from the coordination of these services at one firm. Clients come to us for expert advice and the confidence that comes from having a dedicated financial advisor. Most are busy in their careers or are enjoying a hard-earned retirement and don’t want to spend valuable time managing financial affairs.