Retirement and Estate Planning

Retirement and Estate planning is often the center of our ongoing relationship with our clients. We provide planning for clients of any age and financial circumstance.

  • Our Financial Blueprints target those just starting out professionally, and provide guidelines for financial issues encountered when beginning a career.
  • Our Pre-Retirement plans target those who are already established professionally and are juggling multiple priorities, such as retirement saving, college saving, and purchasing a home.
  • Our Retirement plans are aimed towards those who are within 5 years of, or already in, retirement.
  • Estate plans are applicable to any age or circumstance.  Along with an estate attorney, we help create an estate plan with the goals of maintaining family harmony, ensuring your assets pass as you intend, and minimizing taxes.  In addition, BWFA will coordinate meetings at BWFA with an estate attorney.  Documents to be completed by the attorney include Wills, Trusts, Durable Powers of Attorney, and Advance Medical Directives.

Holistic retirement and estate planning is a dynamic, evolving process.  Our financial planning, investment, and tax experts help bring clarity to your goals, and identify issues, problems, and solutions that give you confidence in your ability to meet your goals.

We use the latest and most sophisticated forecasting techniques available, and provide year by year financial benchmarks to measure and evaluate your progress. Using our techniques and annual Financial Plan Review meetings, we are able to make mid-course corrections to make sure you stay on target. The payoff is peace of mind.

We are careful to review the entire financial background of each client before making any recommendations. The financial plans provide recommendations on the following:

  • Retirement Projections and Scenarios
  • Cash Flow and Debt Management
  • Investments, Investment Allocation, Social Security, and Pensions
  • Education Saving
  • Tax Strategies
  • Insurance
  • Estate Planning

Together we discuss your concerns and will then propose an approach to addressing them, as well as an estimate of the fee we will charge to do it. No hidden agenda, no undisclosed conflicts of interest.

Throughout the relationship, BWFA reviews the plan, making necessary adjustments as planning issues arise.  Our specialized review process gives you peace of mind, knowing you have the financial security you deserve.