Fee Only Financial Advisors


Fee-Only, Period

We don’t sell anything here except our advice. We are strictly Fee-Only, meaning compensation for the services we provide comes solely from our clients. We participate in no contests, commissions, or bonuses. Our clients always come first, and we are free from the conflicts of interest that are common among other firms.

Advice Leads The Way

BWFA clients receive integrated, coordinated financial advice on investment management, financial planning, taxes, and business services. Through a close personal relationship with an experienced advisor we can help you:

~ Manage your investments to provide the growth and/or income your family requires
~ Plan for a predictable and secure retirement
~ Plan for a smooth transfer of your estate, while minimizing tax consequences
~ Avoid unexpected taxes
~ Provide advice on mergers and acquisitions for small- to middle-market companies

Relax, We’re On The Job

Let us help you bring order to your affairs, achieve your goals, and relax in retirement. We offer investment management clients the opportunity to:

~ Avoid costly investment pitfalls
~ Evaluate alternative approaches to lowering investment risk and improving return
~ Reduce excessive fees
~ Reduce taxes and other costs of excessive trading

Honest Fees For Honest Work

At the end of our initial meeting, we will present you with options on how we can assist you and what it will cost. You may be offered flat or percentage rates, or a mixture depending on the engagement. We do not charge for initial consultations. Clients’ annual investment management fees range from .65% to 1.25% of assets under management, depending on the size of their accounts. We quote fees up front so there are no surprises.

A Team Of Specialists Led By Your Advisor

At BWFA, you work with a dedicated Advisor who is supported by a cadre of experienced professionals. We take time to become comfortable with each other, carefully analyzing the intricate financial affairs unique to your situation. You get solid, no-nonsense counsel from experienced people you will come to know well. We have dedicated investment management, planning, tax, and business services resources in-house, and will bring in legal, accounting, and other experts as necessary.