Buy-Side M&A Advisory

As with the sale of a business, an acquisition is complicated.  Having BWFA on your side assisting with the acquisition will be of great benefit. With BWFA’s deep transaction experience, we can provide guidance about selecting the type, size, and geography of the business to be targeted based on specific criteria established with the buyer. With targets in mind, we will create marketing material to confidentially reach out to a select set of businesses.

BWFA will help with confidentiality agreements, with prospective acquisition targets, and with negotiating offers.  We can draft a letter of intent for the acquisition of a business and work with other experts on due diligence, creation of purchase documents, post-purchase integration and more. The BWFA Mergers & Acquisitions team can also identify and analyze a range of financing alternatives appropriate for the transaction. Every step of the way until the purchase is completed — and beyond — we have experience and solutions.