January 2013


2012 Year In Review

BWFA Community Outreach BWFA is proud to support these great organizations that are helping to build a thriving community and region. ‑Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition (http://www.marylandconsumers.org/) The Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition advances and protects fairness and justice for Maryland consumers through research, education, and advocacy. ‑Columbia‘s 45th Birthday Celebration – We purchased a brick paver and sponsored the cupcake giveaway for the event. ‑Wings of … Continue reading

Striving to Get Better

It’s been a busy three months. During that time, we added several key staff members—always with the goal of improving our customer service and support. We hired Chief Information Officer Joe Caputo so that we can utilize the best technology for tracking clients’ financial and personal data and communicating information to them efficiently. Second, we added Investment Analyst Seth Dadds, who brings to BWFA experience … Continue reading

Taking the Long View on Long-Term Care Insurance

When the famous Dutch physician and chemist Hermann Boerhaave died in 1738, he left behind a sealed book entitled The Onliest and Deepest Secrets of the Medical Art. The book was auctioned for a vast quantity of gold. When the new owner broke the seal, he was surprised to find that 99 of its 100 pages were blank. Only the title page bore a handwritten … Continue reading

Taxes: Who You Gonna Call?

Because the federal government and the states are in difficult financial shape, they’re stepping up efforts to collect tax revenue. We’ve seen a large increase in letters from the IRS and state governments requesting more information or more tax dollars, based on their evaluations. In some cases, the tax authorities are correct, but in many cases, they are only fishing. So who are you going … Continue reading

Watch Out for the Froth in the High-Yield Bond Rally

Two-thousand-and-twelve has been an exceptional year for below-investment grade bonds as investors sought higher returns in a record-low interest rate environment. The Barclays High-Yield Bond Index—a proxy for high-yields—posted a 12.09% return for the first nine months of the year, compared to a 3.53% return for the Barclays Intermediate Government/ Credit Bond Fund over the same period. Although some investors call them “junk bonds,” BWFA … Continue reading